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The beautiful facilities that make up the Providence Day campus are the result of generous donors who believed in our school’s future. Philanthropic contributions to capital initiatives are transformative in nature and provide increased opportunity for impactful teaching and learning experiences.

For more information on giving to Providence Day, or to discuss making a gift to support a capital initiative, please contact Jeff Appel, Associate Head of School for Institutional Advancement, at (704) 887-6038.

The Academic Center stands as centerpiece to a collegiate-style quad that inspires innovative thinking and increased pace of life for students and faculty. The addition of the Academic Center was made possible through the philanthropic efforts of the Charging Forward Campaign. The doors opened for classes in January 2018.

The DeMayo Gateway Center provides a sense of arrival and welcome to both visitors and current families. Home to our Admissions and College Guidance Offices, this two-story building was made possible through the Charging Forward Campaign.