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Providence Day School exists to inspire in its students a passion for learning, a commitment to personal integrity, and a sense of social responsibility.

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Freedom School

Closing the gap begins with opening their minds.

The Providence Day Freedom School program was established in 2012 in partnership with Freedom School Partners® (FSP), a Charlotte-based organization that provides quality summer and afterschool CDF Freedom Schools® programs for students in grades K-8 throughout Charlotte’s communities. FSP will serve more than 1,200 children multiple sites hosted by local universities, faith groups, and partner nonprofits. Freedom Schools are unlike other summer programs because they give children three resources needed to develop their potential and inspire a love of reading and learning – literacy skills, character strengths, and a community that believes in them. The Providence Day Freedom School program nurtures 55 scholars, from neighboring Rama Road Elementary, each summer.

Providence Day School is proud to be the first independent school in the country to host a CDF Freedom School. Our Freedom School has become an integral part of our Providence Day community with generous support from PDS parents, administrators, faculty, staff, alumni, and students. We have been able to share our time, talents, and treasures with scholars at our own site and at other sites around Charlotte to create an unforgettable summer for children around Charlotte.

Contact Info
For more info on Freedom School Partners and the work being done across the Charlotte and nationally, contact:

Freedom School Partners
PO Box 37363
Charlotte, NC 28237
704-371-4922 | info@freedomschoolpartners.org

Katie Carmichael
 Director of the Freedom School at Providence Day
704-887-6000 | katie.carmichael@providenceday.org


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"Freedom School is an incredible program, and I’m genuinely grateful to have been able to participate in it for the last three summers. To see the scholars come every day during their summer, ready to learn, to chant and cheer, to be a part of a community they know is safe and welcoming, that is truly special. Freedom School is a place that is totally unique to any other program I’ve ever been a part of, and it’s incredible that every person involved, whether a scholar, SLI, or volunteer, takes something valuable away from it."

- Hannah Scully

I have been working with a very special girl for 5 years at the Providence Day Freedom School site. Her name is Ruby. When Ruby first came to our Freedom School site, her reading and comprehension skills were below her grade level. Through my relationship with Ruby, I learned that one of the main reasons she struggled was because she couldn’t express herself well in English. When I spoke to her in Spanish she smiled and told me that she didn’t understand many of the words in the book. I told her that it was ok and that I was glad to know that because I could help her. The Freedom School program at PDS has changed my life. It has taught me to be more selfless. Seeing how Ruby has become a better reader and more confident over the past years has made me realize that Freedom School is building stronger confidence in children through their reading curriculum and through building relationships with people in our community. Ruby is just one of the many stories volunteers such as myself experience every summer. Freedom School is education in action in our PDS community. I am honored to be part of it and I hope everyone will come to find their Ruby in our Providence Day Freedom School.

- Claudia Cruz

I believe that every child has the ability to paint a great picture from within themselves, and it breaks my heart that not each one has the canvas or the tools to do so. Freedom School allowed me to play my part in changing that. The scholars are so bright and have such big personalities; you cannot help but fall in love with them. And in Freedom School, they are given experiences more rewarding than can be put into words. My experience working with the program was just as rewarding, and helping change their lives changed mine.

- Miah Murphy

"When I think of Freedom School, I smile. I smile, because it calls to mind the faces and personalities of the extraordinary scholars I had the privilege of getting to know. I smile, because it takes me back to those exhilarating moments when I witnessed scholars learn or experience something new. I smile, because I recall its incredible capacity to improve scholar’s confidence and ambition both in and outside the classroom. Freedom School taught me that effective education goes beyond learning facts and figures. It requires personal investment, role models, and empathy. Freedom School showed me how educational disparity manifests as well as can be rectified. Volunteering and working as a Servant Leader Intern for Freedom School will forever be highlights in my life, for it was truly rewarding work!"

- Renée Parris


Freedom School is an integral part of the PD community and critical to our mission. It’s an honor to serve as a host site and be able to engage our entire Charger family in Freedom School. We treasure the relationships we build with the scholars, and are fully committed to supporting and growing this very important summer literacy program.

- Dr. Glyn Cowlishaw

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