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Twenty-Nine Students Inducted into Cum Laude Society
Twenty-Nine Students Inducted into Cum Laude Society

Fourteen seniors and 15 juniors at Providence Day School were inducted into the Cum Laude Society.

The induction ceremony took place before fellow students, faculty and families in the McMahon Fine Arts Center theater April 27.

Dr. Glyn Cowlishaw, Head of School, shook the hands of each inductee as they walked across the stage to receive their certificates of induction into the society that honors scholastic achievement at secondary institutions.

Founded in 1906, the Cum Laude Society has grown to 382 chapters, approximately two dozen of which are located in public schools and the rest in Independent schools. Membership is predominantly in the United States, but chapters also are located in Canada, England, France, Spain, Puerto Rico and the Philippines.

Participating schools may nominate up to 20 percent of their graduating class and 10 percent of their junior class for induction into the society. The society's motto is Areté, Diké, Timé, which translates from Greek into "Excellence, Justice, Honor."

Senior Inductees
Addison Abrahm
Grant Abrams
Nicole Bless
Hayden Clay
William Cohen
Olivia Comer
Alexander Constantine
Baird Cotsakis
Noah Dolgoff
George Duncan
Katlyn Gonzalez
Connor Hammond
Patricia Landis
Vaibhav Pachalla

Junior Inductees
Rhea Bhagia
Ananyaa Bharadwaj
Victor Chu
Justine Cronk
Elena Dal Cin
Nicholas Edwards
Nathaniel Friedman
Julia Henegar
Joseph Kerrigan
David Li
Yuchen Lu
Kaela McConnell
Scott Newmark
Rachel Schleicher
Molly Young

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