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Teachers Receive Annual Awards and Honors
Teachers Receive Annual Awards and Honors

A number of Providence Day School faculty and staff recently have been recognized with annual awards.

3rd-grade teacher Angel Carroll, art teacher Andrea Downs and history teacher John Compton ’04 received annual awards for Lower, Middle and Upper School Teachers of the Year, respectively.

The Teacher of the Year awards, sponsored by the Parents’ Association, go to those who best uphold the school’s mission of inspiring in students a passion for learning both in the classroom and through extracurricular activities.

Lower School Spanish teacher Nora LaLinde and Middle School math teacher Ann Parker received Blackwell Award for Teaching Merit for Humanities and for Math and Science, respectively.

The Blackwell Awards for Teaching Merit, established as a permanently endowed fund with a gift from the Blackwell family, honor teachers who have significant impact on the lives of their students, who demonstrate positive skills in communication and interaction with their students while also exhibiting professional and ethical conduct both inside and outside the classroom.

Upper School Head Eric Hedinger was recognized by the PDS Safety Committee with an annual award given to an employee for efforts to prioritize the safety of students and colleagues in their daily duties.

The winners were recognized by Dr. Glyn Cowlishaw, Head of School, during division-specific events in late May, as well as at the year-end faculty and staff luncheon May 31.

Lower School Teacher of the Year: Angel Carroll
Carroll is known for her “joyful” outlook.

“When you enter her classroom, you can feel the children’s happiness and positive energy. You will hear laughter, even in times of immense stress,” said Lower School Head Erin Harper.

Students gravitate to Carroll’s teaching style because she makes learning both relevant and enjoyable. A collaborate and thoughtful problem-solver, Carroll is an advocate for every child and is sensitive to their individual needs.

“This energetic spirit is a gift to her students and our entire faculty,” said Harper.

Middle School Teacher of the Year: Andrea Downs
Downs was recognized for being a teacher who not only creates optimal learning experiences for her students, but fosters learning environments that promote inclusion and creativity.

“Andrea connects different divisions and departments by having them see the beauty in partnerships,” said Middle School Head Michael Magno.

Not only do her colleagues feel Downs is “truly helping to develop more empathetic, responsible and caring students in our community,” said Magno, but her “dedication can be seen at lunch, when she hosts an open door art room for Middle School students."

Upper School Teacher of the Year: John Compton
Compton is the first “legacy” Teacher of the Year, as his mother, 1st-grade teacher Joanne Compton, was the very first teacher of the year in 1984.

Compton is known for his positive mindset and energy among students as well as colleagues, with whom he is eager to collaborate.

“In the classroom, he incorporates lessons with interesting projects, videos and games, and models his passion for learning every day,” said Hedinger. “He gives students equal chances to prove themselves.”

Blackwell Award for Humanities: Nora LaLinde
LaLinde, who has been with PDS for nearly 30 years, is credited with helping establish and develop the school’s World Language program.

She has been “an instrument of change in order to improve upon and provide the very best language instruction for our students,” said Harper. Known for her funny and playful side of teaching, LaLinde is comfortable taking risks and trying new approaches to teaching and learning.

“She met each program change with a positive attitude and mindset,” said Harper. “For Nora, each change was an opportunity to learn something new.”

Blackwell Award for Math and Science: Ann Parker
Parker was recognized for her incredible leadership as a faculty member, 6th-grade team leader and 7th-grade dean.

She continually demonstrates teaching excellence while embodying PDS’s mission.

“Ann is dedicated to developing students who are organized, consistent and astute problem solvers,” said Magno.

Campus Safety Award: Eric Hedinger
Hedinger was nominated by the Safety Committee for his contributions to the safety of the PDS community.

“While we all play a role in providing for the safety of our students, the Safety Committee recognized that one individual — Eric Hedinger — demonstrated remarkable wisdom, compassion and even courage time and time again,” said Safety and Security Director Kenna Powell.