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Upper School Students and Faculty Honored During Closing Ceremony
Upper School Students and Faculty Honored During Closing Ceremony

Providence Day Upper School students and faculty were recognized with a variety of awards and honors during the Upper School closing ceremony in the Mosack Athletic Center May 22.

Dr. Glyn Cowlishaw, Head of School; Eric Hedinger, Upper School Head; and other admins, faculty and special guests presented the awards to the recipients, who were as follows:

Harvard Prize Book Award: 11th-grader Jake Comisar

Yale Book Award: 11th-grader Malkam Hawkins

University of Virginia Jefferson Book Award: 11th-grader Caroline Beason

Richard I. Edmundson Student Government Leadership Award: 11th-grader Grant Abrams and Jake Comisar

Providence Day Citizenship Award: 12th-grader Victoria Xu

Gail Elaine King Sophomore Writing Award: 10th-grader Joe Kerrigan

Whitten W. Scholtz IV Technology Award: 12th-grader Matthew Kahl

English Award: 12th-grader Autumn Mitchell

Performing Arts Award: 12th-grader Makayla Hancock

Frances Bailey Barclay Drama Award: 12th-grader Evan Krell

Scott Harrington Mathematics Award: 12th-grader Manley Roberts

Science Award: 12th-grader Haley Ritchie

Visual Arts Award: 12th-graders Caroline Bruns and Victoria Xu

Physical Education and Wellness Award: 12th-grader Zach Iverson and Maddie McCorkle

History Award: 12th-graders Tate Roseblatt, James Seddon and Taylor Steiner

Global Studies Award: 12th-grader David Conlin, Maya Elliott and Adonna Eziri

Kristen Duren Award in World Language: 12th-grader Taylor Gerlach

Freshman Award: 9th-grader Kaila Dawkins

Sophomore Award: 10th-grader Molly Young

Baird Award: 12th-grader Grant Buchmiller

Innovative Team Award: Grant Abrams

Charlotte Chinese Academy Award: Grant Abrams

Upper School Teacher of the Year: Math teacher Courtney Inscoe

Blackwell Award for Science and Math: Science teacher Russell White