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Upper School Students and Faculty Honored During Closing Ceremony
Upper School Students and Faculty Honored During Closing Ceremony

Providence Day Upper School students and faculty were recognized with a variety of awards and honors during the Upper School closing ceremony in the Mosack Athletic Center May 23.

Gary Scott ’09 presented the inaugural Baird Scholarship on behalf of Robert W. Baird & Co., a $1000 award to a senior intending to pursue business in college, to Shani Reel, who will major in business at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington.

Joseph Steiner, an alumni parent of Michelle ’92 and Shara ’94 and retired U.S. Navy Reserve captain, presented a U.S. Naval Academy midshipman commission to Eric Cal.

Award recipients were as follows:

Harvard Prize Book Award: 11th-grader Gracie Whelan

Yale Book Award: 11th-grader Tate Rosenblatt

University of Virginia Jefferson Book Award: 11th-grader Sydney Perry

Richard I. Edmundson Student Government Leadership Award: 11th-grader David Conlin

Providence Day Citizenship Award: 12th-grader Anna Cockrell

Gail Elaine King Sophomore Writing Award: 10th-grader Abby Chun

Whitten W. Scholtz IV Technology Award: 12th-grader Jordan Van Glish

English Award: 12th-grader Maya Barr

Performing Arts Award: 12th-grader Adaora Ekwonu

Frances Bailey Barclay Drama Award: 12th-grader Connor Bright

Scott Harrington Mathematics Award: 12th-grader Ryan Sicard

Science Award: 12th-grader Ross Rucho

Visual Arts Award: 12th-grader Elise Friedman

Physical Education Award: 12th-grader Anna Cockrell

History Award: 12th-grader Grace Clements

Global Studies Award: 12th-grader Zoe Abrahm, 12th-grader Hanna Dohmen, 12th-grader Claudia Westwood

Kristen Duren Award in World Language: 12th-grader Hanna Dohmen

Freshman Award: 9th-grader Shreya Mantha

Sophomore Award: 10th-grader Dayna Asher

Innovative Team Award: English teacher Matt Spence, Global Education Associate Director Katie Kirkland, 12th-grader Maya Barr, 12th-grader Maddie Reiser, 12th-grader Amy DeCillis, 12th-grader Jonathon Hoppe, 12th-grader Thomas Groenhout, 12th-grader Will Reid

Upper School Teacher of the Year: Science Department Chair Jim Bledsoe