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Dots and Dashes: Lower Schoolers Learning to Code Robots
Dots and Dashes: Lower Schoolers Learning to Code Robots

Providence Day School 1st-graders were introduced to the newest Chargers, Dot and Dash, this week.

The robots, created by Wonder Workshop, are intentionally designed to help introduce students to the 21st-century skills of robotics and coding, while also reinforcing the essential skills of collaboration, communication and digital literacy, according to the company website.

It’s part of a kindergarten-through-5th-grade robotics/coding program being introduced by Pam Heacock, 2nd-grade teacher and Lower School innovative teaching coach, and Kim Alix, Lower School science resource teacher.

“We’re very excited to be able to offer such an interactive and friendly way of presenting robotics to even our youngest students,” said Alix.

The robots are integrated with curricular ideas across a wide array of subjects, such as art, math, social studies, language arts and science.

Using apps on iPads, younger students press icons to communicate with the robots. As they gain more coding skills, the students use a “drag and drop” format to “speak” with the robots, allowing them to perform a variety of tasks.

“The possibilities are endless and for our students, who will be future innovators, thinkers and leaders,” said Alix. “This is very exciting.”