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Upper Schoolers Teach Lower Schoolers About Nutrition
Upper Schoolers Teach Lower Schoolers About Nutrition

Lower School students are learning how to make healthy choices, thanks to the efforts of Upper School students.

9th-graders in Health classes began visiting Lower School classrooms Sept. 21 to share their knowledge of health and nutrition.

The initiative began over the summer, when Physical Education and Health Department Chair Kristie Oglesby, Wellness Director Tom Caruso and P.E. teacher Josh Springer brainstormed ways for Upper School students to impart what they’ve learned to their younger classmates.

“it is important because many Lower School students are just starting to learn how to make healthy choices in the Dining Hall on a daily basis,” said Springer.

The benefits of this cross-divisional endeavor were two-fold, said Springer — not only were older students able to share their knowledge and promote a healthy lifestyle with younger students, but the older students were able to practice their public speaking and collaborative skills.

The Health students will present to all 2nd to 5th-grade classrooms this year.

“Today was our first attempt at what we hope is a beneficial cross-divisional lesson for all parties,” said Springer.