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Charger Commons

passenger side and part of trunk of Charger car decorated in red and white and various PD-Charger logos
close-up of the back left half of two violins on the left side of the photo
close-up of pottery tools
series of Lower School students' portraits showing diversity
close-up of Lego box and Lego instruction on a desk in front of a keyboard
photo of bust of Spirit overlooking the track
dusk photo of the outside of the Mosack Athletic Center lit up from the inside
inside looking out at campus with international flags waving in the breeze
close-up of brass instrument showing the three piston valves
diagonal photo of top portion of clock tower on the right and beautiful blue sky on the left
three Lower School boys sitting at desktops in computer lab
white three-ring binders on a shelf with student's names written vertically on the spine
close-up of a student's hand holding a pencil and doing homework at a desk
looking down from the second floor onto the foyer of windows and doors, students changing classes
close-up of a stack of Algebra Structure and Method Book 1 books
close-up of a big pile of backpacks
photo of the lockers with paper cutout blue mortarboards on each one with the student's name
close-up photo of various trophies won by PD athletics
tilted photo of an outdoor patio space with a blue umbrella over the table
close-up of four cheerleaders on the basketball court
office with pennants of colleges PD students have attending or are attending
Lower School library with reading bath tub in the foreground
white picket fence running diagonally across the frame with a green plant with purple blooms in front at bottom of the frame
11 artworks on white paper of Spirit and Go Chargers! mounted on black paper and taped to a white concrete wall
painted and decorated pumpkins on a short brick wall on campus
PD plaque wall
young student's hands around a wide white red yellow and black rope