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Tryouts typically run 2-4 days.  Student-athletes are expected to be in attendance every day and able to participate in practices and game schedule thereafter. If you are unable to attend a specific tryout start date, it is your responsibility to communicate with the coach now.

 Student-athletes will need any equipment necessary for your specific sport (tennis racquet, field hockey stick, etc.). Comfortable shorts, sneakers and tee shirt will work! If they need a space to change, they will be directed to an area in the MAC.

Once on a team, coaches will invite parents to a parent team meeting (virtual or in person) to cover their season objectives, expectations, rules, and schedules. We expect at least one parent to join this meeting as it pertains to their student-athlete and the upcoming season.

Student-athletes still participating in a sport/season immediately prior, should finish that season. Accommodations will be made for a later tryout. Please reach out to the sport program head with any questions.

All teams will have a specific practice schedule that will be shared by their coach. Cancellations due to weather, etc. will be posted to socials media outlets, the website and communicated by the coach. 

Each season will have at least one "No Cut" team/sport. 

  • Nancy Beatty, Director of Athletics,
  • Sue Fitzgerald, Associate Director of Athletics,
  • C.D. Cater, Middle School Director of Athletics,
  • Chad Grier, Assistant Athletic Director/Program Head Football,
  • David Olliver, Sports Information Director,
  • Tom Caruso, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach,
  • John Erb, Head Athletic Trainer,
  • Carlie Mankin, Assistant Athletic Trainer,