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Varsity Girls Lacrosse senior Lindsey Skardon scores her 100th career point

Varsity Girls Lacrosse senior Lindsey Skardon scores her 100th career point

On Monday, April 15, the Varsity Girls Lacrosse team defeated the visiting Pirates of Porter Ridge High School, 14-11. Instrumental in the victory was senior captain Lindsey Skardon who scored three key goals to help seal the win. Those three goals were also significant because they moved Lindsey past the 100 point milestone for her Providence Day career (Lacrosse points are calculated by a combination of both assists and goals scored). 

After the game, the Athletic Department was able to speak with Lindsey to find out more about her lacrosse career and her very impressive accomplishment.

 Athletic Department: How many years have you played lacrosse for Providence Day?

Lindsey: "I've been playing lacrosse for the Chargers since the eighth grade so this places me in my fifth year." 

Athletic Department: How many different positions have you played during your career and which one is your favorite?

Lindsey: "Actually, I've played two different positions, attack and midfield. In the previous years, my favorite position was attack, but this season I've really enjoyed playing midfield.

Athletic Department: What is your favorite Lacrosse memory during your five years?

 Lindsey: "Last year we were playing a tough game on a rainy Saturday and were down by a big margin. There were a few seconds left and I was pushed down with the ball, and as I fell, I shot it towards the goal. Surprisingly, it went in, and the entire team ran out and congratulated me and we celebrated that game like we had won." 

Athletic Department: Could you give me a quote on what it feels like to accomplish the 100 point milestone in your Charger career?

Lindsey: "I am surprised and happy to have 100 career points. I want to acknowledge my teammates for helping me reach this mark because I couldn't have done so without their teamwork and motivation."  

Athletic Department: Lindsey, what advice would you offer to other student-athletes? 

Lindsey: "Always play with positivity and determination because those attributes show who you are as a teammate regardless of your stats." 


On a final note, the Athletic Department asked Varsity Girls Lacrosse Head Coach Emily Young what her thoughts were on Lindsey's accomplishments.

Coach Young: "Lindsey has been a leader on and off the field, continually inspiring her teammates to be their best and to play their best. She is constantly moving up and down the field and is always looking for ways to help the team score, whether that is passing it to the next available player or taking it straight to the cage. She is a selfless player and consistently works on helping others reach their greatest potential. I could not be more proud of her and we will really miss her next year!"