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Golden Chargers Self-Portraits

The Golden Chargers are retired faculty and staff from PD. We asked them to create a self-portrait as we recognize their years of service and impact in the classroom over the past 50 years.

Below are 22 portraits. Can you guess which Golden Charger created the artwork?


Scroll below to view the art gallery.

pencil of collage of woman with glasses around her neck, Penguin Magazine, butterflies, a globe and a heart %22Think Win-Win%22
pencil and marker drawing of the back of a girl in a teal striped shirt holding five colorful balloons in each hand
two pencil drawings one of a boy in a canoe and a heron, the other of a girl in a canoe with an alligator and a frog
collage of a trophy created out of words like %22practice,%22 %22coach.%22 %22winning.%22 and %22Hilton Head%22
pencil and marker of a blonde girl playing a computer game
girl in a canoe with an alligator coming out of the water and a frog sitting on a lily pad smiling
acrylic portrait of faceless female, brown-haired, and periwinkle shirt
watercolor, marker and pencil portrait of a gray-haired. man with a paintbrush with green paint on the brush
watercolor and pencil drawing of Winnie the Pooh sitting in the grass holding a blue balloon on a light blue background
marker drawing of a hot air balloon with %22Soar to New Heights at PDS%22
marker portrait of lady with black hair on blue background
pencil and marker of a guinea pig with a speech bubble, %22Lettuce? Carrots? Still nibblin' after all these years.
markers and watercolor with The Story Well, The Bathtub and Bathtub Book Exchange, and The Book Fair
pencil and water drawing of a teacher holding a piece of paper that spells %22cat%22 with a drawing of cat
pencil drawing of a girl holding two Band-aids, a PDS lanyard and behind her are two fall trees with red and yellow leaves
pencil drawing of teacher pointing to sign with various PDS-themed books and pennants surrounding sign
pencil and marker drawing, cloud in the center %22Highlights PDS,%22 arrows coming out of cloud pointing to various PDS things
folk art style collage of history teacher with various idioms and photos surrounding her
pencil drawing of blonde woman holding a Fort Fisher t-shirt
pencil drawing with %22Smallardy Quiz Review%22 written in the center over a river, finish line, evergreen trees around lake
pencil and marker drawings of famous government documents and written names of famous battles
head of Snoopy with paws on his face in black outline with sketchy red background and %22TK 4EVER PDS%22 written on it