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AP Art & Design Exhibition

Welcome to the Providence Day AP Art and Design Exhibition

This exhibition showcases the work of our nine A.P. Art and Design students, Kate Carlson, Eddie Horwitz, Sam Levy, Ellie Loor, Madison Lyons, Avery Nelson, Kati Rady-Pentek, Charlie Usadi, and Claudia Vasbinder.

A.P. Art and Design is a course for highly motivated art students who are ready to work independently. The course includes practice in the use of various media, the acquisition of techniques, the practice of art criticism and analysis, and the development of an individual, exploratory approach to art.

In May, the A.P. Art and Design students will submit their portfolios to the A.P. program for assessment. Each student’s portfolio needs to have a Sustained Investigation section that includes work unified by an obvious concept or theme, and a Selected Works section that includes work that successfully explores a wide range of subject matter, media, techniques, and aesthetic issues.

For this exhibition our A.P. Art and Design artists were asked to choose what they consider to be their five best works to date; some pieces come from their Sustained investigation and others from their Selected Works. Each artist has provided commentary about his or sustained investigation.