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Innovative Spaces



Language Learning Labs - In the Academic Center are Language Learning Labs which allow students to use headphones and microphones to speak directly with one another and engage in teacher-led scenarios while learning a new language and building a new sense of classroom community.



The MakerSpace offers opportunities for creativity and innovation and provides students the chance to explore technology while building confidence in their problem solving abilities. The space is located on the first floor of the Dickson-Hemby Technology Center and is open to all Middle and Upper School students. The MakerSpace has a 3D Printer, Laser Engraver, and a host of other tools to help students develop their dreams and aspirations. 

Students have access to computer software in Computer Aided Drafting and Design, Computer Programming, and Graphic Media. Staff are available to assist students with research and development needs. The MakerSpace is constantly evolving to provide for the changing needs of our students and community.


The MakerSpace is available to all Middle and Upper School students during their Lunch Breaks. Students may use the space to solve problems through creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and collaboration. Students are encouraged to research, design, and build their own original solutions to problems. Students with questions are free to stop at any time or join the MakerSpace Google Classroom to stay up to date on the latest news, tips-and-tricks, and project ideas.



This flexible, mixed-use space facilitates research study, interaction, and creativity. Used by students, faculty, staff, and visitors, this space fosters cross-discipline programming and planning.



Beginning in the 2022-23 school year, students will find 14,000 square feet of new space for dining and performing arts, along with 14,000 square feet of renovations. This addition will bring new classrooms and rehearsal space to students. It will also bring larger, renovated spaces for the Lower School Music room and the Middle School Art room. It will bring a greatly improved dining experience, offering age-appropriate dining spaces, a learning kitchen, and faster serving times. There will be enhanced outdoor spaces for dining and gathering.



The STEAM Workshop at Providence Day is a space where students learn to successfully use power tools, craft set pieces for upcoming theatrical performances, design and build their own creations, and immediately apply what is taught in the classroom. 

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Inside the Thompson-Jones Library is this “digital makerspace,” a space where faculty and students can record podcasts, music, and videos for both academic and personal projects. The space contains a green screen, high-quality microphones, and other equipment for recording video and audio projects, and is constantly being updated as the school’s needs evolve. It’s the home to the school’s official podcast, “From the Horse’s Mouth.”



Watch this video to take a special look inside Makerspace
with CAD and EV3 robotics project!