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Health & Wellness

Two full-time and two part-time registered nurses serve the Providence Day School community. Two of those nurses staff the Health Room during the school day and the part-time nurses staff the Wellness Room in the Extended Day after school program. Together they provide individualized quality healthcare, encourage parent/child communication and involvement, and emphasize health education enabling each student to reach their maximum learning potential. The nurses collaborate with the P.E. department, athletic trainers, wellness director, and school counselors to provide a comprehensive approach for each child to develop a healthy foundation for learning and life.

Anne Worgan, RN
Health Room

Irene Lucia, RN
Health Room

Extended Day

During the school year, the health room nurses are available Monday-Friday from 7:45 a.m.-3:45 p.m., to answer any health-related questions or concerns.

The extended day nurse is available Monday-Friday from noon-5 p.m. 

Providence Day School uses a secured online database program, Magnus, to collect and store all student medical information, emergency contacts, and physician-prescribed forms. Student information is to be updated yearly and throughout the school year as needed.

Health and wellbeing are a key part of the Strategic Framework for Providence Day School. For more about wellbeing at Providence Day, visit the Student Services page.

Report illness or injury and return to school protocol:
If a student becomes ill, is injured, or needs medication during the school day, they must report to the school Health Room. If necessary, a school nurse will make arrangements for a parent or guardian to pick up their student. Ill or injured students who wish to leave school must check out through the Health Room.

Sick Day Guidelines:
Medication administration at school and while on field trips:

  • Students may not possess medications of any kind on campus without the permission of the school nurse and a prescribed medication form signed by their physician. Any student requiring over-the-counter and/or prescribed medication to be administered during the school day must have submitted the over-the-counter medication or prescription medication form, signed by the student’s physician and their parent or guardian, to their child's Student Medical Record.

  • Students attending a school-sponsored overnight field trip requiring daily medication administration must have an over-the-counter medication or prescription medication form on file in Magnus signed by a physician. Upper School students may self-administer prescribed medications with the approval of the parent. If you would like a chaperone to administer the medication contact the Health Room nurses for instruction.   

Immunizations: North Carolina Immunization Requirements:
Current NC guidelines are available here:

Other Health Conditions and Allergies:
Students with life-threatening health conditions, such as food allergies, which require administration of an emergency medication are required to submit a physician-prescribed and physician-signed Action Plan to Magnus, as well as providing the necessary medications, such as Epi-Pen or asthma inhaler to be kept in the Health Room.