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Clubhouse is open to all Middle School students on a drop in basis during after school hours. Clubhouse is open Monday through Friday from 3:10 until 6 p.m. beginning on the first day of school. 
Our focus at Clubhouse is to provide all students a safe, fun, and inclusive space to go to after school. Whether they are stopping by to get a snack on their way to practice or staying to complete homework, participate in a club, hang out with friends, play sports, etc., they are always welcome! 

Clubhouse temporarily operates out of the dining hall while our permanent location is under construction.  

Nutritious food is provided daily and our dedicated staff remains consistent so that students can build relationships. 

Students must be registered to attend the program which includes an annual registration fee of $75 per student. Once they are registered, they may sign themselves in and out for activities including sports practices, games, music lessons, theater rehearsals and any other approved campus events.    

Please email with any questions.