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The Middle School Clubhouse is open to all Middle School students to drop in to catch up with friends, study, unwind, play and eat! Clubhouse is open Monday through Friday from 3:10 until 6:00 p.m. beginning on the first day of school. When school is dismissed at noon or is not in session, Clubhouse students are invited to serve as junior counselors in the Extended Day Program to assist with programs, field trips, and special activities. 

We provide students a safe place where they can grow, both physically and emotionally, while embracing the opportunities and boundaries that come with being a middle schooler. Clubhouse operates out of an inviting, dedicated space that includes areas for snacks, studying, art projects, computer work, indoor games, and relaxing.

Our dedicated staff enhances the students’ afternoons with great conversations, pick-up games, and art projects. Nutritious snacks are provided daily by the PD dining service FLIK. Some favorites include pasta and marinara sauce, yogurt and granola, chicken tenders, pizza, baked potatoes, vegetables and hummus, and always fruit!

Students must be registered to attend the program which includes an annual registration fee of $75.00 per student. They may sign out for activities outside the Clubhouse including games, music lessons, club meetings, the library, and campus events. Students may attend on a monthly or drop-in basis. If a student drops in for less than 30 minutes for snacks only, the fee is $5. If a student drops in for the afternoon, the fee is $8.00 per hour. Students who attend the Clubhouse Program will be billed a minimum of $10.00 for the month and no more than the maximum of $350.00 per month. 

Please email
 with any questions.