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Board of Alumni

To all Providence Day Alumni,

Welcome! We're glad you're here. The Providence Day Alumni Association exists to promote engagement between the school, its alumni, and all of their respective communities.

There are a number of ways to support Providence Day as an alumni, but I found that giving my time by serving first as a volunteer, then as a board member, was the best way to make an impact. Providence Day alumni are key stakeholders in the school's community and the opportunity to represent that group as a board member has been a distinct pleasure. Whether it's through Homecoming and reunions or a deeper level of involvement, I hope you'll find a way to get connected and stay engaged with PD!

Brooks Aker '10
President, Board of Alumni
Providence Day School Alumni Association




Brooks Aker '10
Board President
Will Walton '11
President Elect
Derrick Thompson '03 Dewey Norwood '92
Christian Rautenstrauch '09 Marianne Schild Wilmoth '06
Mahari Conston Freeman '12 Jocelyn Ruark '09
Nia Wylie '11 Katie Friedman '08
Amanda Golmont Schneider '04 Aaron Zucker '07
Steve Goldberg '75 Jennifer Parnell Smith '98
Guille Henegar '13 Shawn Smith '88