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Jen Grabenstetter '01

Jenn Grabenstetter loves telling stories. Whether as an editor for Charlotte Magazine or as director of global communications for Sealed Air, the thing she seeks in all areas of her professional life is “an opportunity to create.”

After beginning her career as an entertainment and fashion writer, Jenn is now responsible for communicating with a global force of 25,000 employees in more than 127 countries and for the external brand marketing of some of the world's most well-known brands, including Bubble Wrap®. 

Jenn's career has not only provided her with opportunities to write and create, but also to see her work have an immediate impact.  For instance, in July of 2015 the internet was set on edge by news reported by the Wall Street Journal that there was about to be a new kind of Bubble Wrap - one that doesn't pop.  While fans of the iconic pop freaked out, Jenn and her team went to work, writing witty Twitter replies to thousands of concerned consumers (including the Jonas Brothers and Weird Al Yankovic) who were devastated to learn that the pop they love so much might be going away.  Within hours, the funny responses (and the truth about the story - Bubble Wrap isn't going anywhere, just gaining a new sibling in the family) were being read aloud on CNN and news stations across the country.

Whether it's an hour-long speech for a Fortune 500 executive, or 140-character tweet, Jenn spends every day doing what she loves most - telling stories.  It's a passion that's followed her from job to job, but it originated at Providence Day. 

 Jenn discovered her love for writing and creating during her 13 years as a lifer at PDS where she was free to experiment and discover new passions. “I discovered I was terrible at visual art. I was terrible at sports too, but Providence Day was graciously let me try playing a few anyway.” While developing her written voice in Patsy Steimer’s classroom, Jenn also developed her sense of confidence and leadership skills through serving as student council president and cheerleading captain, and acting in Middle and Upper School theatre productions. “At Providence Day we were supported so well by faculty, but we were also free to fail,” she explains. “‘A passion for learning’ – it’s just something that never leaves you.”

After working in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, DC, and (most recently) London, Jenn has moved back to Charlotte where Sealed Air is now building it's new global headquarters.