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Providence Day School exists to inspire in its students a passion for learning, a commitment to personal integrity, and a sense of social responsibility

Dr. Colin Webb '03

Out of all the milestones kids experience during their adolescence, having braces is not necessarily one they look back on fondly. Colin Webb ‘03 is the first to admit this and that is why he has set out to change the way his patients feel when coming into Webb Orthodontics for an appointment.

Founded by Colin’s father Mickey, Webb Orthodontics is located in Charlotte and seeks to create a positive orthodontic experience for patients and their families from start to finish. In fact, the potential to build strong relationships with patients over the course of their treatment was what ultimately inspired Colin to pursue orthodontia. Growing up and watching his father and other healthcare providers help the people they treated, Colin knew that he wanted to pursue the same sort of fulfillment.

During his senior year at PDS, he shadowed a local orthopedic surgeon and eventually went on to UNC-Chapel Hill, where he opted to keep an open mind rather that immediately begin a “pre-med” or “pre-dental” track. Eventually, Colin decided that his desire to help patients and create a lasting impact on them would be best served by becoming an orthodontist, because patients typically spend at least two years in treatment.

After graduating from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry and completing his residency at Seton Hill University in 2013, Colin joined his father at Webb Orthodontics. Colin’s professional goals are to create a fun and energetic practice that gets patients excited about visiting. For example, rather than scold kids who fall short on the maintenance of their braces, Webb Orthodontics created a rewards card program, which incentivizes kids to practice healthy oral care.

Colin attributes the sense of community he creates in his office and his desire to help patients to values he learned while at PDS. Not only does Colin strive to help the patients that come into Webb Orthodontics, but he also announced this year that he will be donating 5% of all profits received from current students at Providence Day back to the school. As he continues to improve his practice and the overall orthodontic experience, Colin clearly personifies the passion for social responsibility he gained at Providence Day.