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Developing effective stewards through leadership and pedagogy

Meet the Fellowship

Marcus Smith

Marcus Smith
Director of Teaching Fellows &
Upper School English Department Chair
Wesleyan, Harvard
Hometown - Louisville, Ala.

Jillian Ingram

Jillian Ingram
Associate Director of Teaching Fellows
Middle School Math Department
Georgia Tech
Hometown - Charlotte, N.C.

Shafanae Desinord, Teaching Fellow 2023-24

Shafantae Desinord
2023-24 Teaching Fellow
US History Department
Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Bratyanski 
Howard University - History
Hometown: Belle Glade, Fla. 

head shot of Larkin Denlinger, teaching fellow 2023

Larkin Denlinger
2022-23 Teaching Fellow
Science Department
Mentor: Michelle Sebastian
Colby College - Biology/Education
Hometown: Asbury, N.J.

head shot of Will McCorn, teaching fellow

Will McCorn
2022-23 Teaching Fellow
Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging Department
Mentor: Tyrone Jean
Livingstone College - Sociology
Hometown: Howard County, M.D.

Piper Spooner, 2023-24 Teaching Fellow

Piper Spooner
2023-24 Teaching Fellow
US World Languages Department
Mentor: Jen Mosar
Emory University - Chinese
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

head shot of teaching fellow Parker Duncan

Parker Duncan
2022-23 Teaching Fellow
Visual Arts Department
Mentor: Lindsay Woog
Converse College - Studio Art
Hometown: Aiken, S.C.

head shot of teaching fellow, Francisca Weirich-Freiberg

Francisca Weirich-Freiberg
2022-23 Teaching Fellow
English Department
Mentor: Christine Marshall
Princeton University - Anthropology
Hometown: Newark, N.J.

headshot of Nihal Kodavarti, 2023-24 Teaching Fellow

Nihal Kodavarti 
2023-24 Teaching Fellow
MS Math Department
Mentor: Jillian Ingram
Oberlin College - Math & Economics
Hometown: Chicago, Ill. 

head shot of Jalen Haffaney, teaching fellow

Jalen Haffaney
2022-23 Teaching Fellow
History Department
Mentor: Mike Lindquist
University of Delaware - History/Africana Studies
Hometown: Tampa Bay, Fla.

“Providence Day has demonstrated leadership in the field of equity, inclusion, and belonging for more than 20 years. This is one of the most exciting projects we’ve seen when it comes to making a genuine impact on our community and the students we teach. We look forward to welcoming Teaching Fellows Program participants to become an integral part of the fabric of our community.”
- Dr. Glyn Cowlishaw, Head of School