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Middle School

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Grades 6 - 8

Confidence. Leadership. Engagement. Throughout Middle School at Providence Day, students experience developmentally appropriate opportunities to form a strong sense of identity and purpose. We strive to help them cultivate appreciation of the arts, athletics and the world around them. Our students leave the Middle School with a solid academic and social-emotional foundation that will prepare them for success in Upper School. 


Students in each grade take required courses in English, Science, Math, History, and Physical Education. As a school with a global emphasis, we have many students who take several years of a world language during middle school, and students may also take advantage of opportunities for world travel.

Students can round out their schedules with electives such as Computer Apps, Global Issues, Creative Writing, STEM courses including Engineering and Robotics, Theatre, Band, Chorus, and Strings. 

Middle School Course of Study

Lee Tappy
Head of Middle School

Bobby Thompson
Middle School Dean of Students

Dr. Kendrick Liles
Assistant Dean of Students

aerial shot of Middle School students working on their iPads and laptops
Honor Code

Students are introduced to the Honor Code in middle school and quickly grasp the value and importance of integrity, especially when combined with greater responsibility and freedom. 

At Providence Day School, we believe that both personal and academic integrity are of primary importance. Students are extended an unqualified trust and are expected to exhibit honor. An honorable student does not lie, cheat, or steal. Each individual is responsible for his or her own conduct, keeping in mind that individual actions set an example for others. Faculty and administration support the students’ understanding and development of honor in an effort to foster pride in themselves and in the school.

Middle School has introduced “Legacy Houses” named after former Middle School faculty who have left lasting impressions
Legacy Houses

Middle School has introduced “Legacy Houses” named after former Middle School faculty who have left lasting impressions upon the division and school. The purpose of the community building program, in the spirit of the Hogwarts houses in the Harry Potter series, is to give students a chance to form relationships and bonds across grade levels as well as to participate in activities that promote a healthy and fun competition between the houses — such as competing for the Murdock Cup (named after a legendary former teacher and coach, the late Gil Murdock), to be awarded to a house with the most points at the end of a school year. Students are “sorted” into their houses and learn about their respective “legends,” character traits, crests, mottos, and rules for each house throughout the year.

Students working in the raised beds of Charger Gardens
Social Responsibility

In Middle School, the Providence Day emphasis on social responsibility focuses on empathy and grade-level partnerships with public schools. In 6th grade, students are kindergarten buddies with Movement School students. In 7th grade, students become first grade buddies with Winterfield Elementary students. And in 8th grade, students form partnerships with their counterparts at Wilson STEM School.


Clubs and Activities

Middle School offers a wide variety of clubs that promote leadership and collaboration while allowing students to explore their talents and interests beyond the classroom. 

From Model U.N. to  Battle of the Books to Art Club to the Middle School play or musical to extracurricular STEM clubs and Student Council, we place an emphasis on allowing students the room to uncover new passions, strengths, and leadership skills. 

Seventh and eighth graders may participate in a variety of sports. Service learning is also emphasized, and the great majority of our students participate in service activities, cultivating an awareness of social responsibility and our potential impact on the local and global community.