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An independent, college preparatory school, grades Transitional Kindergarten through 12

We exist to Inspire

Providence Day School exists to inspire in its students a passion for learning, a commitment to personal integrity, and a sense of social responsibility


computer lab

We believe that all children are naturally curious, and that it is our primary mission to keep that curiosity alive and cultivate it into a passion for learning. We are mission driven, not test driven.

How do we do this? We do it by offering a well-designed transitional kindergarten (TK) through 12th grade academic program and executing it well with excellent teachers who love working with children.

students with iPads

Our students live in an ever-shrinking world, connected and driven by digital technologies, which are helping expand the amount of knowledge at an exponential rate. We offer a forward-thinking program that produces graduates who can collaborate and lead in diverse workspaces, master multiple digital technology tools, and effectively access and evaluate massive amounts of information online.

Lower School student playing

What does this look like? Come visit Providence Day School and you will see TK students "flying" between their classrooms with passport in hand to "visit" China, Kenya, and Germany to experience the similarities and differences in each culture. Peek in to 2nd grade World Language classes, and witness students who have chosen Chinese, French, or Spanish to study for the next 11 years -- then imagine the level of proficiency they will achieve by the time they graduate.

Walk over to 4th grade, and you will see students creating video reports on their iPad mini tablets and sharing them with the school via QR codes on the walls outside the room or sharing them with the world online. Stop by a 6th grade math class, where each student has a job -– from retail business owner, multi-client stock broker, hedge fund manager and real estate tycoon -- and earns money for good grades, rents their desk, and makes trades on a simulated stock market.

Next, visit 10th grade Chemistry where the class has been "flipped" and instead of lecture, you witness the buzz of collaborative activity. Finally, watch our senior Global Studies Diploma students debate energy policy with students from Denmark, Germany, and China during a virtual energy summit via Skype.

While the activities may vary, PDS teachers manage to keep all this excitement going on a daily basis. However, what really sets our teachers apart is their unwavering dedication to treating students as individuals, differentiating instruction to bring out the best in each student, and helping them develop into astute thinkers and persistent, creative problem solvers.