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Shaan Bose '24 Goes Outward Bound in the Blue Ridge Mountains

From June 21 through July 12, 2021, Shaan Bose ‘24 participated in an Outward Bound experience backpacking, whitewater canoeing, and rock climbing through the Blue Ridge Mountains with a group of ten other teenagers and three counselors. Bose was named Providence Day School’s North Carolina Outward Bound School (NCOBS) scholar recipient in 2020 prior to the arrival of COVID and had to postpone his trip for a year.

Over the course of 22 days, Bose explored the Blue Ridge Mountains and French Broad River. “We went backpacking and the first expedition was called ‘training’ where we learned the basics,” Bose explained. “We carried everything we needed on us in a 50 lb. pack. After that, we went whitewater canoeing for three days. We went down the river and camped out. There was another expedition to the top of Calloway Peak.”

From there, things became more challenging. “We did a trip called ‘solo’,” he says, which was the hardest part of the experience. “They sent us to a campsite in the middle of the woods on our own for three days.” Bose spent most of that time sleeping and ate dehydrated powdered food. “We had miniature stoves that you boil water on and pour powder into it to make food. It wasn’t that bad because we had a spice kit and I loaded up with spices, but I felt like I wasn’t eating as much. I’d eat a little bit of food and I’d be full.” 

“The feeling of accomplishment when you are done is the best feeling,” Bose says. While 22 days felt like a long time, “the Outward Bound is worth it and it was a cool experience. I recommend people apply for it.” As for his first meal at the end of the trip? “I didn’t even make it home first. At the airport, I ate a chicken sandwich from Popeyes.” 

For 50 years, North Carolina Outward Bound School (NCOBS) has delivered challenging outdoor adventure programs based in experiential education to people of all ages and walks of life. These programs help individuals discover their strength of character, ability to lead, and desire to serve. They are a non-profit organization and are proud to be part of a national network of Outward Bound schools in the US and all over the world.