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PD Partners for a Successful Second-Annual E-waste Drive

The Providence Day School community filled multiple donation bins with obsolete E-waste during the second annual E-waste drive from April 19-22, 2022, coinciding with Earth Day on April 22. This year, the PD community collected 2,181 pounds of E-waste for a total of 5,376 pounds collected with our partner schools.

The PD Parents’ Association coordinated the E-waste collection with the Upper School Sustainability Club and the Middle School Go Green Club. In addition, this year’s E-waste drive became a multi-school collaboration, as Providence Day teamed up with Charlotte Country Day and Cannon School to hold simultaneous drives in order to amplify and reinforce the power we have together and the positive environmental impact on our community. 

E-waste was once considered electronic equipment that no longer works and is ultimately thrown away. Today, technological advances occur rapidly, rendering many operable electronics obsolete in just a few years. These obsolete devices are discarded and E-waste is growing faster than ever. Obsolete electronic devices including phones, laptops, routers, gaming consoles, and more were collected by Goodwill as part of the Goodwill Recycling Program, then deconstructed and recycled in a responsible and eco-friendly manner. 

The PD Parents’ Association’s PD in Action series continues its focus on social responsibility and community engagement initiatives (SRCE) throughout the school year.