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Isha Dwivedy '27 and Juliette Hanes '27 place 3rd in the Roller Coaster event at the 2023 Regional Science Olympiad

Over spring break, the Providence Day Science Olympiad team placed fifth in the Division B (Middle School) regional tournament!

The North Carolina Science Olympiad is the largest K-12 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) competition in the state and the largest Science Olympiad program in the entire country.

While only the top three teams will advance to the state tournament, any event that was awarded a first place medal receives an invitation to compete with other First Place Overall Winners (FPOW) at the state tournament held Friday, April 21 and Saturday, April 22 at North Carolina State University.

Check out all of the incredible events our students participated in. We can’t wait to see the Codebusters and Crimebusters teams at the state tournament, competing against 45 other teams from around North Carolina. Great job, Chargers!

1st Place

  • Codebusters: Jamie Liu ‘28, Ashley Roark ‘27, & Ashley Zhang ‘27
  • Crimebusters: Jamie Liu ‘28 & Allana Wren ‘27

2nd Place

  • Disease Detectives: Maya Khimji ‘27 & Anish Ghosh 27

3rd Place

  • Anatomy & Physiology: Samarth Kasaraneni ‘27 & Anand Gadicherla ‘27
  • Rocks & Minerals: Ashley Roark ‘27 & Ashley Zhang ‘27
  • Roller Coaster: Juliette Hanes ‘27 & Isha Dwivedy ‘27

4th Place

  • Dynamic Planet: Anand Gadicherla ‘27 & Sam Xiao ‘27

5th Place

  • Crave the Wave:  Sam Xiao ‘27 & Jamie Liu ‘28
  • Forestry: Asher Chen ‘28 & Allana Wren ‘27
  • Green Generation: Juliette Hanes ‘27 & Anish Ghosh ‘27
  • Solar System: Allana Wren ‘27 & Sam Xiao ‘27

7th Place

  • BioProcess Lab: Maya Khimji ‘27 & Asher Chen ‘28
  • Storm the Castle: Thomas Hamilton ‘29
  • Write It, Do It: Isha Dwivedy ‘27 & Samarth Kasaraneni ‘27

8th Place

  • Flight: Akhil Chilukuri ‘29
2023-four North Carolina Science Olympiad winners
(below from left to right) Akhil Chilukuri '29 competed in the Flight event placing 7th out of 25 teams; Isha Dwivedy '27 and Juliette Hanes '27 competed in the Roller Coaster event placing 3rd out of 25 teams; and Thomas Hamilton '29 competed in Storm the Castle placing 7th out of 25 teams.