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Goodbye, ThorGuard - Hello Perry Weather!

There’s a new system on campus keeping students and adults safe from hazardous conditions - Perry Weather.

ThorGuard was outdated and had less accurate weather data, so beginning in September, Perry Weather Alerting System took over. The on-site weather station provides real-time, site-specific data. Rather than relying on data generated from the airport, this system provides information relevant to our Providence Day campus. 

The hardware is placed in strategic points across campus to offer complete coverage. The hardware is solar charged and works on the cellular network. The “poles” have strobe lights and speakers to alert community members via light and sound that lightning is within a 10 mile radius.

During a Lightning Alert, the system will sound a 10 second blast that is similar to an airhorn and the strobe lights will flash. When the all clear is issued, the system sounds three short blasts.

The new system gives alerts from the weather station located on top of the Mosack Athletic Center, rather than relying on systems that are miles away. We can monitor lightning strikes within 10 miles, and within 20 miles, to better prepare for movement of large groups to a safer environment. Perry Weather also provides meteorological support via text, email, or phone call. The Office of Safety & Security can plan ahead if we suspect bad weather, or can get immediate updates from trained meteorologists. 

Perry Weather specifies where the lightning strikes are so officers can determine if there is time to start and/or complete carpool. “We can monitor the storm, how quickly it is moving towards us, and utilize our meteorologist support to ensure everyone’s safety,” says Tammy Stokes, Safety & Security Administrative Manager.

If the weather is moving towards campus quickly, Safety & Security personnel will put out Lightning Alert signs at each carpool location (Ferryboat, Ridenhour, Extended Day and for later carpools, the MAC), and parents will be directed to come inside to pick up their students. The school will also initiate the Connect 5 communication system that texts and calls parents with relevant information. 

Parents can help by making sure their contact information is up to date in Charger Commons. For more information on campus Safety & Security, visit Charger Commons Resources or click here.