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Senior Class Gift rendering of outdoor area with water feature

"I am incredibly honored to be representing the graduating Class of 2023 and the Senior Gift Committee – consisting of our five great class officers and me - as I present our class’s final contribution to the Providence Day community. SGA placed a great deal of imagination, effort, and creativity towards the class gift this year, and were the main ones behind this effort. I would like to recognize the immense help we received from Dr. Stephanie Vanderford and Mrs. Rachel Ellis, without whom we would have been able to accomplish nothing. We also appreciate everyone in the audience who purchased an Autobell gift card, or our class notecards, as you played a huge role in raising money for our gift. 

Hudson Adams 23 - presenting the Senior Class Gift - Class of 2023

"Our class has had an extremely unique experience throughout our years at Providence Day, as we have been the recipients of many acts of generosity by previous classes, alumni, and the community as a whole. The beloved West Wing was taken away from those of us who have had the privilege of being here since or before sixth grade, and replaced with the Academic Center for the remainder of our time.

"We were given the opportunity to see the completion of the newly renovated Dining Hall and additions to the Fine Arts Building, along with all the improvements to the Dickson-Hemby Technology Center. Watching as campus transforms for the better year after year has inspired us to add to the school in what we hope is a noticeable and exciting manner! The class gift tradition gives seniors an opportunity every year to take their insight as students give back to our community in a way that will hopefully positively impact the experience of future generations of students.

"My class also spent a large amount of time outside the walls of the classroom, whether that meant virtual learning, classes and lunches held outdoors, or all the other precautions against COVID that allowed us to spend extra time outside. We are also an accomplished athletic class, with more than 30 of our classmates continuing to play a sport next year, so it's granted that we can all love and appreciate time outdoors.

"It was our wish to include, for the students who will be at PD upon the completion of the new building and campus areas, which will begin construction this summer, a new outdoor area available for students as a place to relax and hang out during the day. The seniors are excited to present our final token of gratitude to Providence Day, with the addition of an interactive water feature, our first water feature on campus. It will enhance the natural play and outdoor learning space that is being created with the new Lower School and Extended Day building. The small creek bed will be a peaceful addition to the new space as it runs though some of the play area. 

"There will also be a small bridge for students to walk across as they enjoy this interactive water feature for years to come. I would like to say one final thank you to Providence Day for supporting our class, and our effort to give back to all future generations of Chargers, and although it may take longer than usual for our gift to be actualized, we believe it is well worth the wait."

-- Hudson Adams '23