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Alumni Eyes on the Ball

Of Providence Day School’s JV and Varsity coaches, many of them are alumni who chose to return to campus and keep their athletic traditions going. They recently shared why they choose to coach at PD and what the school and the athletic programs have meant to them over the years:

Brian Field ’94 – Basketball

“My dream since I was a Middle Schooler was to be the Varsity basketball coach at Providence Day because of all the program meant to me while I was a student here. I consider it an honor to get to come to work each day and live out my dream at a school and with people that I absolutely love.”

Ben Hovis ’96 – Cross Country & Track

“Coming back to coach at PD in 1999 gave me the opportunity to coach with two role models of mine: Gil Murdock and Randy Sienkowski. I have always coached with a great deal of pride for the programs I was once a part of as an athlete. It has been an honor to continue to build on the successes of Coach Murdock.”

Steve Bondurant ’98 – Baseball

“Being a coach for the Varsity baseball team is a simple decision. This program gave me so much when I was at Providence Day and prepared me for college and professional baseball. The foundations that my coaches instilled in me are some of the same that I teach our current players today. In addition to baseball, coaching gives me the opportunity to be a true mentor and help these young men do things the right way and be better prepared for life after PD.”

Dean Preston ’98 – Golf

“I enjoy coaching at PD because I love giving back and helping the players. I feel that helping youth is the best way to give back. I look back at all of the great coaches I had at PD and I just want to be a good example to our players like those coaches were to me. All of the kids are great and it has been my privilege to help coach them over the years.”

John Compton – ’04 Cross Country

“I chose to coach at PD because of what running at PD meant to me in my development as a student here. The success I found in running helped me develop into a much more confident person, but more importantly, the cross country and track teams provided me with a second family at school that supported me through a variety of challenges. I enjoy being able to share my passion for running with students while also helping to continue to build an incredible community among these teams. It is also a pretty neat opportunity to get to work with Coach Hovis, Coach Sienkowski, and Coach Gallagher, all of whom coached me during my years here as a student!”

Aaron Zucker ’07 – Basketball

“The makeup of our staff speaks volumes about the culture of our program; Brian has been on staff for 20 years (after playing at PD) including 14 as the head coach. Jonathan (McIntyre) and Mike (Boyer) have been with him for 14 years and 12 years, respectively, and Ryan (Conrad ’09) and I both played for them and are now back on staff. We break every huddle by chanting 
‘family’ for good reason...we live by it. The Providence Day community, and specifically the basketball program, represent everything you would want in team sports and life, so being a part of that is an honor for me.” 

Michael Paul Chernega ’09 – Lacrosse

“I love coming back to coach at PD. All of the coaches during my career did so much for me in helping me achieve my goals. It always feels amazing to come back and help the kids achieve the same goals that I did when I was in their shoes. The athletic program at Providence Day means the world to me. I would not be the person that I am today without it, and it is an honor to continue teaching the values that were taught to me.”

Ryan Conrad ’09 – Basketball

"Coaching at Providence Day was an easy decision for me because the staff is the same as it was when I graduated from Providence Day. Every coach I had throughout my career at Providence Day really shaped me into the person I am today and I hope to have the same positive impact on our current players as all my coaches had on me.”

Jasmine Robbins ’10 – Softball

“Coaching at PD is an opportunity for me to give back to the programs that helped me develop, not only as a player, but as a student-athlete and person. I enjoyed each season I was a part of a team at PD, from Middle School all the way to Upper School, and wanted to continue to be a part of the PD sports community. PD athletics has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My mom has coached at PD for 30 years. I remember Friday night after Friday night watching my big brother playing on the football field or basketball court, and then it was my turn on the court and softball field. The athletic program was just a part of the everyday routine for my family growing up, and I loved every minute of it! Being a part of the athletic program now has allowed me to grow as a coach, and the opportunity to share my love for sports.”

Sarah Grace Woolley ’10 – Basketball and Soccer

“Coaching at Providence Day is a combination of great opportunity and purpose for me. Our administration, athletic office, facilities, and coaches are all top-notch. Just being on campus for practice and games is a wonderful feeling, and our student-athletes are great people inside and out!”

Dacia Thompson ’12 – Track and Field

“I wanted to come back to coach at PD because I felt that I learned so much as an individual and athlete. I wanted to be able to pass on those same lessons I learned to my athletes. PD is home!”

Corbin Balzer ’14 – Baseball

“I would say that the reason why I came back to coach at PD was because I still have a strong passion for baseball. I want to teach the young kids things that I have learned from the professionals I’ve met as well as the things I’ve learned over my playing years in college at Catawba Valley CC.”

Additional alumni who have coached PD teams include: Brian Davis Jr. '08 (football and basketball); Meredith Clay '14 (swimming); Maggie Gigler '10 (cross country). 

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