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Middle School Science Olympiad Team Finishes Strong

Middle School Science Olympiad Team Finishes Strong

The Providence Day School Science Olympiad Team competed at Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology this past weekend, finishing 6th place overall out of 40 teams (up from 14th last year). Two students who took first place in their event will advance to States in April. Here are the official results:


Amazing Mechatronics: 13th place (Anish Vedantham & Ashton Council)

Anatomy & Physiology: 3rd place (Morgan Boonshaft & Pavan Thakkar)

Battery Buggy: 15th place (Teddy Bruns & Nick Wolfson)

Boomilever: 14th place (Bo Ziegler & Katherine Liu)

Circuit Lab: 2nd place (Sophie Mao & Ross Sammons)

Crimebusters: 5th place (Mary Bray Mann & Laura Plata)

Density Lab: 6th place (Anish Vedantham & Bo Ziegler)

Disease Detectives: 13th place (Mary Bray Mann & Ross Sammons)

Duct Tape Challenge: 14th place (Bo Ziegler & Nick Wolfson)

Dynamic Planet: 6th place (Katherine Liu & Reed Zimmerman)

Elastic Launched Glider: 7th place (Teddy Bruns & Nick Wolfson)

Fossils: 17th place (Laura Plata & Reed Zimmerman)

Heredity: 9th place (Pavan Thakkar & Rebecca James)

Herpetology: 4th place (Katherine Liu & Jillian Marrino)

Meteorology: 2nd place (Morgan Boonshaft & Pavan Thakkar)

Ping Pong Parachute: 17th place (Rebecca James & Reed Zimmerman)

Potions & Poisons: 7th place (Mary Bray Mann & Ross Sammons)

Road Scholar: 7th place (Sophie Mao & Sahana Mantha)

Roller Coaster: 1st place (Laura Plata & Sophie Mao)

Solar System: 10th place (Pavan Thakkar & Jillian Marrino)

Thermodynamics: 12th place (Sahana Mantha & Anish Vedantham)

Water Quality: 8th place (Ross Sammons & Ashton Council)

Write It, Do It: 12th place (Bo Zielger & Anish Vedantham)