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Lindsay Cummings '20 Receives Community Service Awards

Lindsay Cummings '20 Receives Community Service Awards

Lindsay Cummings ‘20 received the Prudential Spirit of Community Award and Presidential Volunteer Service Award (Silver) this spring. 

Prudential, in a partnership with the National Association of Secondary School Principals, sponsors the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards. This program honors middle and high school students for outstanding volunteer service. The Spirit of Community program also recognizes the top 10% of applicants in each state with Certificates of Excellence, which Cummings received. She is also the recipient of the Presidential Volunteer Service Award granted to students who have dedicated a significant amount of time to improving their communities through service. 

Read more from Cummings’s Service Bio:

I am inspired to serve my community by the many blessings I have been bestowed. I have grown up with privilege, and I believe strongly that with privilege also comes a responsibility to serve others. I have the privilege of great health, so I want to serve those brave children who battle medical difficulties (such as through Make-A-Wish); I have the privilege of a great education, so I want to serve awesome children who are not able to receive the same educational opportunities (such as through the Freedom School), and I have the privilege of secure food and shelter, so I want to serve kids and adults who are homeless and/or food insecure (such as through the various Catholic ministries in which I have participated).

I applied for The Prudential Spirit of Community and the Presidential Volunteer Award in the hope that any recognition I might receive would, in turn, inspire other students to make a difference in their community as well. I also desired to put a spotlight on Providence Day School and its strong commitment to community service. I believe that the school should share in the awards with me, as the many faculty, administrators, and other students with whom I interacted daily at PD inspired me to commit as much time as I could (along with academics and athletics) to community service.

My advice for other students considering community service is to do your research about organizations that exist in the community and choose those organizations that align with your interests or passions. I would also encourage students to start their own organizations (through school clubs or neighborhood groups, etc.) if they have a great idea about an underserved population and want to make a difference. For example, I had been involved with the local Make-A-Wish chapter for many years prior to coming to PD my junior year. I wanted to bring more students into that mission, so I began a new SOS Club.

Cummings plans to continue engaging in community service at UNC Chapel Hill this fall.