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An independent, college preparatory school, grades Transitional Kindergarten through 12

We exist to Inspire

Providence Day School exists to inspire in its students a passion for learning, a commitment to personal integrity, and a sense of social responsibility

Mission, Core Values, & History

Providence Day School exists to inspire in its students a passion for learning, a commitment to personal integrity, and a sense of social responsibility.

Core Values

We believe the school community should promote global awareness and connections to the world and local community.

We believe that students should be astute thinkers and persistent, creative problem solvers.

We believe the school community should maximize individual potential by encouraging new endeavors and risk-taking without fear of failure.

We believe that teachers are a significant influence on the lives of our students; therefore, we exercise great care in selecting faculty members. In addition to demonstrating excellence in their fields of instruction, they must love working with students.

We believe that students should enjoy the right to express themselves in a way that shows respect for others and honors the spirit of the school community.

We believe that the success of our students depends on a partnership which includes teachers, parents, administrators, support staff, grandparents, alumni and friends. We encourage the extended school family to be active in each student's development. Parents should expect that their involvement will make a difference. 

We believe in developing within our students an ability to appreciate and value the differences among people in our school community, as well as those in the larger world around us.

We believe in the value of personal honesty as the foundation in the preparation of students to become responsible citizens and leaders.

We believe that the purpose of athletic activities is to promote physical vigor, teamwork, school spirit, sportsmanship and a sense of personal accomplishment.

We believe that non-athletic activities enable students to discover new talents, contribute to a group effort, gain self-confidence and develop leadership skills.

We believe that responsible and thoughtful management of the school's financial and human resources is essential to accomplishing our mission.


Once a makeshift school house on forgotten farmland, Providence Day School boasts a humble yet brilliant beginning. A small group of determined and energetic parents with a grand vision set out to create an environment that would inspire a love of learning and celebrate excellence in every aspect of student development. What they were building was a community for life. 

In July 1970, James Williams, Thomas Ridenhour and Gilbert Bell began seriously discussing the idea of starting a school, and after talking to a group of interested parents at Olde Providence Elementary School on September 12, 1970, they had registered 112 children from 108 families.

Tom Ridenhour and the rest of the board hustled to find a suitable location for the new school. As luck would have it, a small house set back from a horse pasture with 7.6 acres of land was for sale at 5800 Sardis Road. The board members quickly signed the deed, then scrubbed, painted and planted to make the house meet all of the fire and health codes for schools. And after hiring five experienced, certified teachers, the school bell rang loudly on Sept. 28, 1970 for the first day of a lifetime of learning at Providence Day School.

In the nearly 50 years since, PDS has grown into one of the top independent day schools in the country.

Academic excellence is one characteristic of Providence Day School, but just as important are personal integrity and social responsibility. We don't measure our success by our outstanding test scores, but rather by the outstanding character we have helped develop in our students as they become active, responsible, and caring global citizens.