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Global Week

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Providence Day School’s biennial Global Week is an all-school event running April 1-5 this spring. Global Week consists of curricular and co-curricular activities for students and our PDS community at large including world renowned speakers, interactive activities, demonstrations, creative instruction, morning carpool music, and so much more. 

This year's theme is “Global Health Innovation,” with the focus being on avenues of change and how each of us can make a difference. Our goals are to educate students about innovations in global health, excite students about the many diverse fields impacting global health, and empower students to explore their ability to make a difference, no matter their preferred discipline. To meet these goals, we will introduce daily sub-themes, provide hands-on experimentation, and expose students and our Providence Day School community to professionals in different fields of global health.

Events culminate Friday, April 5th with a technology fair, cultural maze, and mammography screenings for PD faculty, staff, parents, and alumni women over 40. 

Tech Fair

April 5th, 10am-2:30pm: Health & Innovation Tech Fair
Our Health & Innovation Tech Fair will be held in The Stable, the Global Cafe, and the area known as “The Quad” (between the Gateway Center and the Academic Center). It will include exhibits by our own PD students, local undergraduate and graduate students, as well as multinational corporations, medical centers, medical professionals, and alternative/holistic health providers. The Global Cafe and School Store will remain open for regular hours during these events.

This event is open to the PD community at large including all students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni. Please email if you or someone you know would like to attend as an exhibitor at this event which will culminate in a networking event for all participants.


Cultural Maze

April 5th, 8:00am-3:00pm: Cultural Maze
The Cultural Maze is an exhibit highlighting the 71 different countries represented in our PDS community and a popular carry-over from past Global Weeks. This is an incredible and unique event where our very own families come together to teach us about their rich culture and diverse heritage. The Global Education Office is excited to be working for the first time in partnership with the PDS Parents’ Association and select Upper School Global Leadership students. The Cultural Maze will be held in a walled tent on the field where the West Wing buildings used to be.

This event is open to the PD community at large including all students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni.
If you are interested in helping out with Cultural Maze please contact Kalpana Chandhok at



SpiritPox - A simulated exercise for Middle and Upper school students to learn about disease transmission, treatment, and avoidance.

This event has been organized in association with PD Parent Dr. Lisa Davidson and Dr. Katie Passaretti, Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Prevention for Atrium Health.

  1. Monday, April 1st Faculty begins randomly infecting Middle and Upper School students by handing out color coded bracelets

  2. Tuesday/Wednesday Lunch (Middle School & Upper School 11:55-1:30) Students stop by one of three booths (marked by green tents) for “symptom treatment” and education via Atrium Health Infectious Disease/Emergency Management/Epidemiology professional

  3. Tuesday/Wednesday Lunch (Middle School & Upper School 11:55-1:30) Certain Faculty members will be in “Quarantine” over lunch. SpiritPox affects people of a certain age differently than teenagers which requires infected adults to be “quarantined”. One spot will be in the Global Cafe, one in Dining Hall.

  4. Thursday is Cure Day Students will be “cured” while they’re in line at Global Cafe and Dining Hall and walking by the DH. They will receive a Global Week bandaid.

  5. We will share links from our Atrium team post-event for follow up.

Dr. Robert Malkin Talk - Info & RSVP

Professor Bob Malkin is a biomedical engineering and global health professor who serves as the director of Duke University’s “Engineering World Health,” a unique study abroad program which allows undergraduates to study and work in hospitals in the developing world. 
In 2008, Malkin embarked on a mission to fight mother-to-child HIV transmission in low-resource settings. The result was one of the most heralded global health innovations to come out of Duke University:  the Pratt Pouch, named after Duke’s engineering school.

The pouch—a small, almost weightless, foilized packet similar to a ketchup packet—preserves a single dose of antiretroviral medicine for up to a year. A mother can squeeze its contents into her baby’s mouth in the critical timeframe after their birth, reducing the baby’s risk of contracting the disease by up to 40 percent.  In 2012, the Pratt Pouch was selected by the World Health Organizations as one of the top ten "innovative health technologies for low-resource settings.”

We are thrilled to have Dr. Malkin as our guest speaker during Global Week. He will present on April 2nd during upper school lunch (12:40-1:30pm). In addition to upper school students, PDS parents, faculty and alumni are encouraged to attend! Lunch is provided with RSVP.


Volunteers are still needed to assist with Global Week in many ways. Particularly, college and graduate level students, corporations, and individuals involved in bio-tech, healthcare innovations, and global health are strongly encouraged to attend as participants in this year’s tech fair and also provide content for our Viral Knowledge cards. We are also looking for help with overseeing daily student events.

Please contact (704-887-7086) to get involved!

Events by Day

Monday, April 1: History of Global Health

9:45am-10:30am: Speaker Jason Hewlett. Middle and Upper School joint assembly. (MAC)

11:55am-12:40pm: MS Global Health Trivia (FA Foyer)

12:40pm-1:30pm: US Global Health Trivia (FA Foyer)

ViralKnowledge Cards (All Week - All Divisions)

SpiritPox Outbreak (Mon-Thurs MS & US Only)
A simulated exercise for Middle and Upper school students to learn about disease transmission, treatment, and avoidance running from Monday April 1st, to Thursday April 4th. This event has been organized in association the Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Prevention for Atrium Health.

Movies (Mon-Thurs MS & US Only):  Running in break out spaces in AC facing TJ Library. Movies run all day and are sci-fi or medically themed.

Tuesday, April 2: Challenges to Global Health

12:40pm-1:30pm: Speaker Dr. Robert Malkin (Lecture Hall. US, PD Parents, Faculty, and Alumni)

SpiritPox Outbreak (Mon-Thurs MS & US Only)

Wednesday, April 3: Systems of Care

All Divisions will circulate around these installations: 

8:00am-2:00pm: LUNG B.A.S.E.S.4Life (Behind Dining Hall adjacent to West Wing Basketball court) 
The mobile unit, developed by Samsung Neurologica, has a portable, full-body, 32-slice computed tomography (CT) scanner to deliver high-quality images of both soft tissue and bone through low-dose CT technology. Lung B.A.S.E.S. will provide lung cancer screenings, smoking cessation education, and navigation services to assist patients with any follow-up intervention needed. Students will see a functioning mobile lung cancer MRI screening machine. Atrium medical personnel will provide information regarding the lung bus, what a CT scan is, how it is read, and what the scans are used for. 

8:00am-2:00pm: Tele-Med Simulations (FA Foyer)
Participants will be able to choose from specific symptoms to have a simulated video consultation with real medical personnel

8:00am-2:00pm: PopUp Clinic in association with Epione, Soweto, South Africa (Tents between FA & DH) 
This is a tented clinic modeled after an initiative organized by health care company Epione in South Africa. Students will experience simulated care performed by parent RNs and volunteers. The Epione health drive was set at up different sites around Soweto, and consisted of different stations that focused on free primary care such as testing for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and body mass index (BMI). Each patient was given professional care, and each general practitioner (GP) made sure every patient was properly counselled and given the proper information with everything they needed, to make sure that they continued on a healthy path. Those who had abnormal results were also given expert advice and were referred to a number of specialists who could help.

SpiritPox Outbreak (Mon-Thurs MS & US Only)

Thursday, April 4: Current Smart Tech

All  day: Science Fiction and Medicine (US Library MS & US)

9:40am-10:10am: Speaker student Lela Araon-Rico, MS only. (FA Theater)

9:40am-10:10am: MS SpiritPox Cure Day (Dining Hall, Global Cafe, DH Overhang)

11:55am-1:30pm: US SpiritPox Cure Day (Dining Hall, Global Cafe, DH Overhang)

SpiritPox Outbreak (Mon-Thurs MS & US Only)

Friday, April 5: The Future of Medicine

All day: Mobile Mammography Screening PD Parents, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni (Behind Dining Hall, adjacent to West Wing basketball court)
Click HERE to register.

All day: Cultural Maze All Divisions plus PD Parents, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni (Tents in old West Wing area)

10:00am-2:30pm: Global Health & Innovation Tech Fair All Divisions plus PD Parents, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni  (Quad, Global Cafe/Stable)
Tech Fair Maps: