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A core function of the Office of Equity & Inclusion is providing avenues for connectivity and belonging throughout the Providence Day community. That means facilitating student affinity groups in all three divisions; creating safe spaces for faculty to gather and discuss issues around anti-racism; creating new ways for our alumni to network and stay involved with the school; and fostering connections within and between our parents and the school.


Kaleidoscope Meeting Materials, 2020

Kaleidoscope Meeting Materials, 2020

• Kaleidoscope 5th grade (2019) — a space for students with a shared interest in equity & social justice learning
• African-American and Asian Affinity Group for 4th and 5th grade (2020)


  • Diversity Club (2018)
  • (CEED) Council for Education on Equity and Diversity (2020) — a space for students and faculty to educate and inform the middle school community about diverse backgrounds


Black Student Union, 2017

  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (1995)
  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance (2015; Formerly HRA)
  • Black Student Union (2016)
  • Asian Affinity Group (2017)
  • Jewish Culture Club (2017)
  • (SAGE) Students Advocating for Gender Equality (2017)
  • Multiracial Affinity Group (2017)
  • Hispanic / Latinx Affinity Group (2018)
  • (AMEMSA) Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South Asian Affinity Group (2020)

The Student Diversity Council serves as a liaison between students and Upper School administrators to ensure the needs of diverse students are being met and to propose ways to make PD more inclusive and equitable.


  • Faculty of Color Group (2018)
    PURPOSE: To provide a space for social connection and social emotional support among faculty of color. To serve as an opportunity for networking, community building and dialogue.
  • AWARE (2019) (Alliance of White Anti-Racist Educators)
    MISSION: Adults in the community who identify as white meet to provide a space for inquiry as we increase their understanding of how racism functions in our society, as well as in themselves, and examine the role of whiteness and white privilege. Additionally, they build skills in being accountable allies to people of color; develop strategies for interrupting racist situations and dismantling white supremacy culture; increase their ability to support other white people to do anti-racism work; and build an action plan of concrete next steps, including hosting an ongoing forum for white antiracism work on our campus.


  • AFIRM (2020) (Alumni Fostering Inclusion, Respect & Multiculturalism)
    MISSION: We exist to promote and advocate for equity, and inclusion work at Providence Day, while also uplifting underrepresented voices at the school
    VISION: We commit to establishing an environment where underrepresented and intersectional groups are celebrated, empowered, and supported through advocacy and cultural competence. We aspire to create a more diverse experience and equitable education.


  • Anti-Racist Task Force (2020)
    Established in the Summer of 2020, the Anti-Racist Task Force evolved from the Multicultural Advisory Board. This parent-led group is committed to supporting the objective of working towards becoming an anti-racist institution. Members of the task force are current parents, alumni, and alumni parents. A chair and co-chair lead the group and work directly with The Office of Equity and Inclusion and School administration.
  • Black Families Network and Hispanic Families Network (2021)
    Newly established group focusing on relationship building, dialogue, networking, and community building among Black families.