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Office of Equity & Inclusion Summary Report


Published Summer 2021

Click here to view or download the full pdf document. 

Dear Providence Day Community:

We are exceptionally pleased to bring you this multi-media Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Summary Report from Providence Day School. In this first incarnation, parts of this report look back several years to trace the development of our curriculum, programming, connectivity, faculty training, and policies over time. Following this inaugural summary edition, expect to see a condensed annual report as a recurring tradition for our school, covering each school year's progress related to equity, inclusion, and belonging. We are grateful to our outgoing Director, Dr. Nadia Johnson, for the foundation and leadership that gave us these pages and videos, and for the contributions of the entire Office of Equity and inclusion, newly titled the Office of Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. We are excited about the great work that lies ahead.

Please continue to scroll down for messages from our outgoing and incoming Directors, and see more in-depth content at our site menu here or at the PDF link above.

This work is a shared responsibility at every level. Our community is committed to making Providence Day School more equitable and inclusive through clear strategy, intentionality, and accountability. Thank you for the role you have played and will continue to play in this journey. 

Dr. Glyn Cowlishaw                                        Tyrone Jean
Head of School                                                  Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Letter from the 2016-21 Director of Equity and Inclusion

Dear Chargers,

In my 11 years here, I have seen tremendous growth: the student body and faculty have grown considerably, the West Wing is gone, and we have two new buildings and a parking deck. But the growth I am most proud of is in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Over the years, our campus has become more diverse in its racial, ethnic, religious, and national origin composition as well as other measures. This was not by accident but rather through intention. School administrators, trustees, faculty and staff, alumni, and community leaders have partnered to make the school more diverse, equitable and inclusive. However, while we have certainly come a long way, there is still a long way to go. 

This multimedia summary report provides the opportunity to reflect on the past several years, and ultimately, to provide a clear vision forward in continuing to create a community where everyone feels they belong. The foci of the report include: Data and Demographics, Curriculum, Connectivity, Faculty Training, Policies, and Programming. The section on curriculum includes videos that feature members of our TK-12 community, so be sure to click to view those. 

It’s hard to believe that my time at Providence Day School has come to an end, as I begin my role as Assistant Head of School for Curriculum and Community at Castilleja School, an independent school for girls and young women grades 6-12 in Palo Alto, California. It has been a great honor to serve the PD community that has given me so much both as a faculty member and as the Director of Equity and Inclusion. I look forward to witnessing the leadership of Tyrone Jean, who becomes the Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in July 2021. The leadership of PD is looking forward to making this report a recurring annual tradition. I’m confident the stories he will tell in this space will show continued growth, and I wish him and the entire PD community all the best.


Dr. Nadia Johnson
Director of Equity and Inclusion

Letter from the New Director of Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Dear Charger Family,

What an exciting time to be at Providence Day School! I joined the Charger community in July 2021 and have been impressed by the thoughtful, intentional, and ongoing work related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The multi-prong approach focusing on data and demographics, curriculum, connectivity, faculty development, policies, and programming has set the institution on a path for excellence and I am honored to continue and collaboratively advance these efforts. The work outlined in this summary report demonstrates that DEI has been woven into the fabric of PD for over 20 years, making it the leader in the greater Charlotte area; yet, great work lies ahead.

To help kick us off, we have renamed the Office of Equity and Inclusion to the Office of Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (EIB), a reflection of the depth and breadth of the office’s mission and the community we desire to cultivate at PD. Belonging is an essential part of our community and we are committed to ensuring that each member feels valued, validated, respected, included, and supported. As Dr. Nadia Johnson mentioned in her letter, we will begin a tradition of producing a condensed annual report outlining the progress and development of our equity, inclusion, and belonging strategic goals. The annual report will be a part of the accountability process in ensuring EIB remains a priority for the institution. Until then, I encourage you to become acquainted with the content of this summary report, reflect on where we have been as a school community, pause to appreciate where we are, and reach out with ideas of how you can contribute to making PD a more equitable and inclusive environment.

It is my belief that equity, inclusion, and belonging is a shared responsibility and I look forward to leading, serving, collaborating, and celebrating.


Tyrone Jean
Director of Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging