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Board of Trustees

Dr. Christopher Mullis, Board Chair


Chris is a financial planner and founding partner at NorthStar Capital Advisors, an independent advisory firm that provides life-centered financial planning and investment management. Originally trained as an astrophysicist (thanks to a PDS field trip in 7th grade!), Chris is an accomplished scientist, a STEM advocate, and a board member at The Learning Center at PARI. He has a distinguished record of scientific discovery and has authored 30+ publications in peer-reviewed journals. Chris is a graduate of Providence Day School, valedictorian of the Class of 1990, commencement speaker to the Class of 2013, and member of the Board of Trustees since 2014. He holds a B.A. with highest distinction in physics and astronomy from the University of Virginia. He also holds an M.S. and Ph.D. in astronomy from the University of Hawai`i.



Dr. Christopher Mullis '90

Mrs. Kelly R. Brooks
current parent ’21, ’23

Ms. Joy M. Hord
current parent ’21, ’23

Mr. William R. Lorenz 
Vice Chair

alumni parent ’12, ’14

Mr. Richard K. Brown
alumni parent ’15

Ms. Kara Ruth Killough King ’90
current parent ’22

Mr. Robert C. Ziegler 
current parent ’23, ’24
alumni parent ’20

Dr. Abigail S. Caudle ’92

Dr. Sunita Przybylo
alumni parent ’18, ’20

Mrs. Kimberly I. Paulk
current parent ’21

Mr. Kieth Cockrell
alumni parent ’15, ’16

Mr. James J. Ratchford
alumni parent ’11, ’14, ’20

Mrs. Monique Allen
current parent ’22
alumni parent ’18

Mr. Mohammad Daher
current parent ’27, ’32

Mrs. Lynn Nesta Reeves ’86

Mr. Rajnish S. Bharadwaj
current parent ’24
alumni parent ’19

Mr. Chad M. Hagler
current parent ’21, ’24, ’28
alumni parent ’18

Mr. Thomas Seddon
alumni parent ’17, ’20

Mr. William C. Blank
current parent ’29
alumni parent ’16, ’19
Rev. Matthew F. Heyd ’88

Mr. Edward Yu
current parent ’25
alumni parent ’17